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  • Pregnant or expecting to get pregnant this year
  • Nervous about becoming a new mom
  • Unsure about what you’re doing as a First-time mom
  • Want to know what Motherhood is really like from a girlfriend who’s been there and done it
  • Worried, scared, or unsure about how things will be in your new role
  • Want to know “what works” from other moms who’ve done it and exactly what they did
My 200+page new mom's Bible
Secrets of the Super Moms” gives you a detailed blueprint with everything you need to know for what worked in the first two years, including what worked for other new moms, just like you...
1. New Mom Must Haves / Hospital Packing List
Which essential comforts from home to pack that will brighten your hospital stay and that you’ll actually be glad you brought with you.
2. How to get Baby on a routine from Day 1
Getting your baby on a predictable routine leads to confidence -- you know what’s coming, how to anticipate when your baby will be hungry, sleepy, or need a diaper change. And that confidence leads to more freedom and harmony within your home.
3. Pediatrician-approved Mealtime Tips
Babies go through many milestones and often that’s around what foods they’re eating at the time. Get the doctor’s take on what to feed your baby and when, that’s proven to be safe. And what NEVER to feed your newborn that’s currently in your fridge right now.
4. Miracle Nighttime Sleep Solution
1. Learn how you can start to achieve the “Holy Grail” of parenting – a full night of uninterrupted sleep from your baby – by taking these steps the very first night home with your newborn (Page 24)
2. Extend your baby’s sleep period (and yours!) simply by putting her to bed in this kind of diaper (Page 31)
3. The surprising reason why you actually want your baby to be awake when you put him down to sleep … and how this one tip will lengthen and deepen his nighttime sleep period!
5. What Other Moms Did
Learn what LeAnne said about her epidural. What Margo said about how she got her baby to eat healthy foods… what Lindsay said about breastfeeding and sleep… what Kelley said about co-sleeping versus putting the baby in her own room the first night. Here, real moms tell all and you get the inside scoop!
6. Real Life Sample Schedules and Daytime Routines
These are actual schedules I used with my babies and that worked!
7. Love, Encouragement, and Humor for the days when you need it most
Girl, I know you’re a worried hot mess! Because that’s exactly how I was until I learned all these things I’m sharing with you. Throughout the book I fill you up with encouragement and “lessons learned,” and yes, the occasional LOL that will have you laughing on the days when you want to cry.
See why one reader said this book “fills the gaps from all the other pregnancy books” and why it should be in every new mom’s handbag…
Who is this program for?
  • Any new mom who wants to increase her confidence and stop worrying
  • Any new mom who wants to know genius tips and Super Mom Secrets for the first two years
  • Any mom who desperately wants more energy and better sleep!
  • Any mom who has one or more children, but has forgotten what happens during the baby phase
  • Any new mom who wants comfort, encouragement and love (and the occasional LOL story!)
  • Any new mom!!!
After the “Cookie Clock Incident,” I just wanted to wrap my arms around this new worried mom -- the mom I had been before, in the beginning -- and tell her, “Don’t worry, I got your back!”
I’ve written “Secrets of the Super Moms” with the love and caring you’d expect from your best girlfriend who’s been there and done it already...
Who I Am
Christina L. Moreland
Published Three Books All Centered Around Mothers
Christina L. Moreland is author of the wildly popular Secrets of the Super Moms series, mom of two boys, and certified fitness coach with more than 10 years experience in the sports nutrition industry.

She knows first-hand just how hard it can be to get back into shape after having kids, but it IS possible! Christina successfully used this exact program and dropped 12% body fat in just 4 months with a new baby she was still nursing and a toddler in tow. She wrote the book series, Secrets of the Super Moms, when her oldest child was 3 and refused to eat his dinner, in an effort to provide real-life lessons learned experiences to other new moms.

Now she brings her practical, balanced healthy living approach and shares all her secrets in the new book, “Fit Mom Secrets.”
Why I HAD to Write This Book
I was scared as a new mom, but with a friend who’s done it and is willing to share what worked and what didn’t, well, there’s no more fear.
  •  Quick read for busy moms
  •  Pediatrician-approved
  •  Safe, practical and easy to follow
  •  What your pediatrician wouldn’t necessarily tell you, but your best girlfriend would
Written with love for moms and packed with useful, everyday action plans, quick tips and easy fixes to reduce your stress and help you bond better with your baby, from delivery to 24 months.
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"This book is exactly what I needed. It filled in the gaps that the other pregnancy books left out. I read it cover to cover in about 10 days in the very end of my third trimester. Not only did it help me prepare for the debut of my little girt, but it helped me with the recovery and the immediate days following. I felt reassured asking for help with breastfeeding after reading Christina's personal testimony. Just because its natural doesn't mean its easy!! I also felt encouraged to ask for help from family and visitors so I could recover. l feel more confident about "What to do" with regard to scheduling and getting a routine set up with my baby. I feel excited about the future for my little one and can't wait to begin the nutritional phase of our lives and read book number two! "
Kristi McCluer
"Love. It. I so wish I had this book when I had Daniel. This will be a go-to for baby shower gifts."
Marcella Fewox
"I loved reading this book- I could totally relate to many of the scenarios in the book along with many of the emotions that go along with being a Super Mom!"   
Margo Rodriguez
"You've done a fantastic job outlining so many points that new moms don't even know they’ll face will have until the baby comes."
Natalie Johnston
"I often wished my baby son had come with a manual. As a source of information, support, and encouragement for new moms, Christina Moreland’s book delivers."   
Mary Freeman
"I felt like I was talking with my sister or best friend who had the answers to my parenting questions. The book presents helpful pros and cons of certain issues, such as screen time for kids. I enjoyed learning through anecdotes about her own sweet family that were delivered with the humor, and enthusiastic energy required of a Mom."
Julie Templet, Super Mom of one
"The term ‘Super Mom’ is attainable for EVERY mom. We just need a little direction, hard work and encouragement (and maybe a few secrets along the way)… that’s where this book comes in…"
Dr. Secily Torn
"This is not just another ‘mommy survival guide,’ it’s a practical playbook for thriving at life as a modern mother."
Michelle Rogers
"I enjoyed her humor and how she gives encouragement. This is a book that I would buy for my granddaughter when she reaches the time of her life to become a mother herself."
Linda Northrop
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